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Dasha’s company
The DC company was set up n order to provide people with a huge variety of sport cloth.  The problem we tackle are finding managers, interpreters, and designers. We take on responsibility for providing the citizens with good quality good quality sport cloth.
As the company is invariably extending the workloads and is working closely with a great number of foreign clients, it is need of ambitions and diligent employees, who will be ready to work as hard as they can.
Working conditions are more than brilliant for workers. It is not a nine-to-five job, the workers can work flextime. Your salary might rise according to your ability to be an asset and put forward fulfilling ideas. The administration of “Dashas Company»  takes into account the needs of te today’s workerard provide them with the opportunity to obtain a rewarding job with promising career prospects.  In addition, the different perks and bonuses, days off, maternity/sick leave, free charge trips and a lot of others.
As for now,  the company seeks for  people to fit vacancies of managers and designers. Both positions involve dealing with computer programs, that is why employees can carry out the work at home ,which is really convenient. To meet all the requirements the lobs include, one has to be a people and person and have a «can do» attitude. It is extremely essential and important.

Finally, if you need the details, or any information you need, feel free to assess your skills, and call us.

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1)To start with, I cannot agree with the point which was introduced by Sugata Mitra, that secondary, primary, and higher education are in the good conditions.  The reason is quite obvious. The courses are concentrated on the average kids, but not on the gifted children are interested in IT courses, and so on  They also need more practice, but they have to attend the classes which they do not like.
2) The speech which was delivered by Ken Robinson is about an importanceof a teacher. In his opinion, teachers have to make the process of learning not only informative, but also creative and out of the ordinary. At the same time, students focus not n the achieving a full mark in the tests,  but gain the knowledge. There are a lot of students who have a natural talent for writing an essay, they can easily demonstrate an ability to do different assignments , but modern school cannot provide the kids with all the conditions, as they are concentrated on conformity, but not on diversity  As a result students drop out of school, or fail the tests .

3)It’s my firm conviction that, the standards of education are still need a huge room of improvements, as they are old-fashioned and not as efficient as they must be. I honestly think,  that all the tedious tasks, boring lectures, compulsory  courses  students need to attend to pass the tests and exams are useless. Hence, the main aims of education, are not in getting a top mark or being a straight A student , but in learning through practice. Only practicing helps students to complete a course with clear understanding and realizing. 

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Appearance, Character, Relationships

Feeling, emotions, body language

Roxi is a bit under the weather, because her boyfriend Dima was like a bear with a sore head. At the same time Dima is feeling sick with worry.  As a result the are both are sick and tired of their relationship.
Ania has a burst of energy, and seems to be on a cloud nine these days. Her cheerful and enthusiastic boyfriend Paul made her day, proposing her.
Roxi is furious and nervous about the test. Evidently, she could eat a horse
Mira was depressed and mixed-up. But the marvelous view from the window made her feel on the top of the world.
Everyone seemed to be in high spirits. However, few days ago they were frustrated and worried about their grades. Fortunately, they had passed the tests, so they made the party to celebrate it.

She tries to bottle up her emotions, but it is obvious that she feels uneasy or want to keep a cool head, she folds her arms.

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Word Families and Word Formation 

1)Upstream B2+(7 Unit p.129)


There are a lot of words which have Latin or Greek routs such as geography, autograph, opponent, credit or genealogy We use those words without even understanding it. But if you are philologist , your activity is automatically connected with the words and its origin. Evidently, course of Latin language is a compulsory for students from my lovely department.  I had been learning Latin for 4 months and it was an incredible, but I can recall and visualize hardly anything about this course. It seems like all my imported knowledge subconsciously slipped my mind. It was a brief introduction to the language, however, I did not manage to learn all the lists of words and their synonyms. So I have one advice to  the freshers: do not underestimate Latin, it is not that easy you might suspect